Introducing Holly! I’m very excited to be on sevenawesomekids! See ya next week bye! Music by Kevin Macleod -Holly (SAK) :D.

Katie’s Stuck! (Part 1)

Katie reads a chain mail email, but does not do what it says, so she must suffer the consequences! She is now trapped and needs your help! Find out what …

The Clone Craze!

Lilly creates a clone to finish her homework and tidy up her room so she can go to the movies with a friend. Music By: Kevin Macleod.

Luella’s Guardian Angel!

Luella thinks all her problems are solved when she gets her Guardian Angel but it has interesting Results, Watch to find out what happens! Have a Tremendous …

Katie is in the Year 3000 !

Katie has to search for “ancient artifacts” in the year 3000! For chance to get a shout out next week comment what do you think the future will be like. Thanks for …

Nalts Kid Debut

Hi. We’re the Nalts kids and we vlog on this channel each Monday. 🙂 Katie, 9 Patrick, 7 Grant, 5 Charlie, 3 We live in the Northeast of the USA. We hope to hear …

Six Awesome Pigs

Freestyle Week Pig race at the Christmas tree farm. Music by Josh Woodward. Avari Thanks for watching! See you next Sunday!